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Anything you can do to take your mind off what is happening in your mouth, you will not gag.But the good news is it is not totally automatic repsonse it can be overcome.

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The refreshing mist contains a mild numbing agent that coats the back of the throat, helping to suppress gag reflex and prevent discomfort during oral sex.

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Gagging can become a conditioned response that makes dental treatment difficult or impossible for both the individual and the dentist.

Every time this reflex kicks in, it stops us immediately, inducing a choking, gagging, coughing fit.For patients with this condition, nearly everything about dentistry is more difficult.When an object touches the soft palate, it can trigger the gag reflex.It can be stimulated not only by touching the back of the throat but also by touching the roof of the mouth, the back of the tongue, or the area around the tonsils.

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Gag reflex is a normal reflex that is characterized by a feeling of throwing up.HOW TO USE: This medication is usually sprayed within the mouth by a health care professional immediately before your procedure.This medication numbs the nose and throat.The aim of this study is to report a 50 year old female and two children (15 and 11 years old) with exaggerated gag reflex referred to Faculty of Dentistry of.

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The gag reflex, also called pharyngeal reflex, is an automatic reaction that can be triggered by physiological reasons, such as something touching certain areas of your mouth, or psychological.The gag reflex is generally thought to be controlled by the hypothalamus of the brain.

How to Stop Gag Reflex The back of your throat may contract when something touches the area around the tonsils, the back of the tongue and the back of the throat.

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We also know that other reactions are controllable by the hypothalamus.

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It helps you relax and not be quite as sensitive to the sensations.Anesthetic spray in the back of your mouth can desensitize the areas that stimulate your gag reflex.

You may not want to disengage your gag reflex entirely of you are preventing your body from protecting itself from choking.

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Such findings suggest that the sensory input evoking the gag reflex depends upon stimulating both superficial and deep sensory receptors.

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