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Designed to help all ages, the Wii fit helps to get up, get active and get fit.

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In order to play the Wii Fit Plus game, you will need to have the Wii Balance Board.

The Wii Fit system uses sensory technology to assess your physical fitness and establish how well you are performing certain tasks.

Is the Wii Fit U board compatible with the original Wii?

The same Wii Balance Board is used for both the original Wii Fit game and the newer Wii Fit Plus game.Welcome, Login to have your name right here, to the Wii Fit Wiki.

The Fit Meter Besides the Wii Balance Board, which is necessary for Wii Fit U, you need to purchase a Fit Meter or you can only use the software for 30 days.If you have any accessories connected to your Wii when it unexpectedly shuts off, unplug the accessory and follow the above instructions to reset the AC adapter.While the options on the market may seem overwhelming, two options stand out above the rest: the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox36o.Thanks to a well known gaming site, I stumbled upon something I never thought I would see: a sarcastic commercial addressed to the Wii.

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For more aggressive fitness enthusiasts, Wii Fit offers strength training and aerobics activities.We were out pretty early yesterday morning, taking the Hobbit to his first swim lesson, so we decided to stop by K-Mart to see if they had a Wii Fit in stock — the just-released game and balance board accessory for the beloved Wii entertainment system.Derrick and Shawn are checking on him to see what is he doing) Derrick: Rocco.

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The one you get in the Wii Fit U console bundle is actually the same board that was sold with the original Wii Fit.Along with Wii Fit, it was introduced on July 11, 2007 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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The multiplayer features allow up to eight players in a turn-based mode and four players simultaneously.Wii Fit U does not support the use of multiple balance boards simultaneously.

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Lack of ventilation The Wii shuts down if a lack of ventilation causes the system to overheat.

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